My Past

my weekend..

hahah omg what a crazy weekend! it all started friday at 5:30 when i woke up, had work at 6. worked thru till 11:30am, then went home and straight to bed.. slept again for a couple of hours, an was back at work at 10:30pm. i finished at 6:00am on saturday. then it was back to my house for a quick wash and a quick roundup of all the shit i would need for a mad weekend in silverstone!

scott picked me up at precisly 8:00am and we set off with car full of beer and crap, destination : Silverstone Racetrack 🙂 we arrived at about 11:am-ish and found a empty field that we could camp in, and parked smack bang in the centre! we opened alll the doors and boot etc and sat in the baking sun listenin to phat choonz and smokin da uuurrrbb.

later on the cavilry arrived… a convoy of about 10 cars came, parked up, set up camp, then the REAL fun began!

bearing in mind we were sharing this MASSIVE complex of campsites with the rest of the modified car generation, all of whoom was gonna be in the trax show as well. so lots of beer, swimming in lakes, random fun, random people later.. i lost track of time, got very drunk and it was mint 🙂

i probably had about 2 or 3 hours sleep, then up n ready for the show! again i cant remember much after this as i was drinking again, and i didnt take many fotos lol

something else happened this weekend, that may of put me in a strange position. well there has been this girl i liked, but she was sort of seein ma mate, nothing really went off between them, but he has grown quite close to the girl in questions family.. i asked him the other day if he was still with her, and he said no. but now ive heard hes ret peeved off as he may of found out my feelins towards her this weekend, as she told me how she liked me and was kissin me this weekend. i dont really know what to do, i want to speak to him and her both, in person, before anything else happens..

im gonna sleep on it, make up my mind the best way to go about things.. i dunno, i guess she could be playing with my mind, hopefully not, and i hope my mate isnt bothered..

im gonna sleep for a lot of hours now.


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