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haha. day 3. change of plan!

well, i sort of failed the first day! scott came round and forced me to smoke weed, honest, he forced me! *rolls eyes* ok, maybe he didnt force me, but he sort of made a few truths ring home!

at the end of the day, it gets dark. lol no but really as much as i want to save up and shit, i also dont want to be a “all work no play” person, which if i stopped smoking weed, i would be. and im not a weed addict, im a substance addict, so if i stopped smoking weed, i would substitute it for somethig else, like beer, and i would go too far and end up gettin caught drunk driving, and i fuckin hate drink drivers.

SO instead of trying to kid myself that im stopping, im gonna gradually cut down, and hopefully one day stop. i am making myself NOT buy any weed during the week, and im gonna try and initally limit it to the weekend. so wish me luck (again)

*hangs head* i have the willpower of a stone.

in other news, heh, i have been buggin my mum for ages to chip in with my dad and buy me a private plate for my 21st birthday. now i said i ONLY want 1 plate. “OLS74R” (OLSTAR) but unfortuatly its a “cherished” plate which basically means they think its cooler than the norm, so they lock it up and auction it off for stupid money. i will still have it one day, but not just yet.

i have found a new plate tho, and i think its pretty damm cool! “B15 OLL” (BIG OLL) well? what do you think? it works out tho after VAT and transfer fee, to be about a grand! :/ which is silly money really. but i really want it and will continue to bug my mum till she caves in!

This is the plate 🙂
hehe. years ago, when i 1st bought my golf, i also bought the plate “B19 OLL” but some other BIG guy called olly bought it and i couldnt have it. i was gutted!

anyway, i just finished a 13 hour shift at work. so im gonna go relax, have a bath, and maybe go to bed, i migght stay up tho, see how long i can stay awake for. nah, thats a stupid idea.


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