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day.. erm.. not sure..

i think its sunday.. i got in after my 13hr shift, stayed up till about 12pm then went to sleep for “a few hours” and 13 hours later i woke up 🙂

i guess i was very tired. im suprised i fell asleep, ive been coughing my self to death the last couple of nights, its very annoying.

ive bin lookin for things to brightnen up my blog, but i still cant do php and its annoying. bblog uses smarty plugin or summat.. and is theme/template based.. so theoretically i can make it look like anything i want, if i knew how! also you can install plugins to do other cool stuff, like gallery plugins and stuff.. if any of my php friends are bored, try n make some, <- thats the main site, install on ur hositng and let me know!

im thinkin of trying to get overtime so i do 7 days a week. its something i have thought about for a while, and its the only way i can see my self gettin out of debt, and have money to buy shit as well. i will be a boring non-going-out hermit for a bit, but thats life eh!

ive also been looking at the stock market. i have been reading up on it, and learning what all the phrases mean, and how it all bascially works. and i recon as soon as i got spare money im going to invest! you can do it online, via some bank sites, and i cant save, so i thought if i BUY shares, then i cant spend the money on crap! i was reading this site, and it sort of got me thinking on how you could bend the rules slightly if you were a company owner.

right. start a company up, a legit one, that produces a product that either sell’s well, or sells ok, and costs fuk all to make. leave the company for a year or so, so it grows, then put it on the stock market. say for example the comapny is worth £100,000. Sell %50 of the shares (£50,000’s worth) in say 100 shares. so thats £500 a share. and you are still the majority share holder.

you then make the company profits go DOWN, fuck something up so that the company becomes worth less money, then when the people panic and sell there shares, buy them back for less than you sold, and youve just got money for nothing.

would that work?

hahahha scams.

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If you have a product that sells really well and is cheap to make then why even bother fucking around with the shares and stuff when you could just stay the owner and reap the benefits?

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