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oh shit. day1. non smoker.

well, mat has convinced me to quit smoking. full stop. i say its gonna be hard at first.. but if i think to myself its not then i recon i’ll be able to do it.

all i gotta keep in my head is that i will have nice teeth, fresh breath, more cash, better lungs, and i wont smell like an ashtray. the only part i think is gonna be hard is the inital gettin home after work, tired, need joint to relax part. but as i said before, ive just gotta get it into my head that i dont want a joint. instead, ill have a nice long bath.. soak for a hour.. then do shit thats constructive, instead of sittin down n wasting my brain cells.

i really love smoking weed tho, but ive gotta look at the bigger picture. my heath, my image, my money. we have said that if we ever went to amsterdam we would still get wasted, but i think anybody who go’s there smokes a bit of the weed 😉 the reasons its been hard to quit before is that EVERYONE around me smokes it.. but mat’s quit, and i recon cos its not me on my own, ill be able to do it!

even writing this is sort of therapy. i just gotta keep thinkin of the benifits, the fact ill have money to spend on my car, on me! (wow i can buy new shit!) and ill get thru this no problem.

mat has already done a week, and has sort of inspired me. he’s been smokin weed for SEVEN years.. ive only been smoking for 4. so it should theoretically harder for him!

im off to sleep now, and im not stoned at all.

wish me luck!

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Holy shit, 4 years? So … That was when we were at college. God damn that seems like a long time ago now. And 4 years is a pretty long time I guess. Do you think you could have predicted where you’d be now 4 years ago? I know I couldn’t have done.

innit, 4 years doesnt really sound like a long time ago.. but when you think back to how long ago college was, it sort of scares me a bit! just think if we had all stayed on, finished that course, and ancis never happened! my life wud be totally different! i suppose ancis was a load of shit, but i think it taught us all lessons, that i know i will never forget! like PAY YOUR DAMM BILLS ON TIME! rofl

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