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later on that same day..

for some reason, ive woke up and im in a shit mood. having no money, and knowing im gonna get fuked over by bills at the end of this week doesnt help much. i worked some overtime last week, and ill be gettin the money thru friday. it was supposed to be for my tax on the caddy.. but it looks like it will be for car insurace instead 🙁

appyed for a job at ashfied school, as a IT techie, the wages are shit, but to be fair im not bothered. i need a full time job so that i can sort my mess out.. i can only put it off at the mo as im a temp employee. if i could re-do my life so far, i would NOT of got any loans. its all well and good sayin “yeh ill get a loan pay it off n ill be buzzin” nah. doesnt happen like that, well not for me anyway.

its like i go to work now, work like a bastard, and i dont get to spend any of the money. cos i spent it years ago. roll on being debt free. in about 10 years. :/

glad my blog is up and running again, it feels like i have had no one to turn to. i cant talk to friends about my probs, cos i dont feel comfortable doing so.. and i hate chairty and sympathy. i just want to get my self out of this hole, an back in the front line!

im gonnna try n quit smokin too, i know ive said it before, but i complain about not having any moeny, yet i still find weed to smoke! i think if i gradually stop, i.e slow down, then it will be easyer. mat’s done it, so i can.

i got to get ready for work now. bah.


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got a job goin at efax, and a spare room as of 2day :-/ doing technical support, phones and all the other fun stuff that comes with it. just a bastard moving from the hood

wheres the job located? i cant really move too far, cos of my commitments here, but i could travel! (unless its liverpool!!) did one of your house mates move out or summat?

he got sacked :-/ its in harrogate, so tis an hour and a half drive, but can be done in 1hr and 15 in a punto so probably an hour in somat decent, lol

bit too far for me really. ive applyed for a IT techie position at Ashfield school, and im lookin at a few other posts at other locations. fingers crossed! and i hope u find a new house mate! (why did he get sacked? lookin at p0rn at work?)

takign the piss downloading loads of shit and basically doing fuck all work, is a dead small company so just can’t afford it. luckily the boss now payign his rent for us, thinking he probably thinking if the new techi is from afar he can live with us kinda thing.

sounds like my last IT job! except we could get away with doin all that shit! bah it was badly run!

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