My Past Returns! – bloggin once more πŸ™‚

hello πŸ™‚ im back! unfortunatly i have lost my old blog πŸ™ im fuckin gutted! we moved host, and sort of did it on the sly, by moving everything just before we were due to pay. so now we owe them about $220 dollaz, and i have lost my DB. we got all the stuff, so thats all that really matters!

anyway, NEW HOST!! woohoo! its excellent!Β http://www.x1host.netΒ we have a reseller account, and can make our own little hosting accounts to sell. this is why has its own hosting now, and isnt forwarding πŸ™‚ booyar!

in other news.. life is ok. still got to get rid of the frikkin saxo.. but ive been waiting for a spare 100 quid to tax my other vehicle πŸ™‚ all that shud start happenin the next week or so!

cos ive started a fresh, ive upgraded my bloggin software.. so it looks cooler, and im gonna look for a gallery plugin so i cna have the random foto website built into this πŸ™‚

watch this space πŸ™‚

more later. im tired πŸ˜›

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fuckin just realised how gutted i actually am about lsing my old db. jesus christ. feels like ive lost my past!

Yeah, it sucks to lose old posts and stuff. I’ve been lucky so far. I should probably make backups or something. Meh. The best thing about my weblog is that my database is just one file, so I can back it up in like … 2 seconds. I just never do. :\

yeah innit. we have a LOT more control over our new host, its really good, and support is via msn messenger, which is nice πŸ™‚

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