My Past

and as if like magic.. angel decends from heaven and falls into my arms!

what are the chances of me meeting a girl, who doesnt even know what is, is ABSALUTLY gorgeous and likes me as much as i like her???


ive seen this girl at work for a month or so now, weve chatted a bit, and i noticed a few smiles and stuff comeing from her, but i wasnt sure if she was just being nice. oh boy. i was major underestimating or something.

ive been trying to find her whan im out down mansfield as its a slightly more comfortable athmosphere than metalbox, and sure enough, she had dragged all her mates to coyote JUST to find me on sat night. as soon as i saw her in there we instantly clicked. we were kissing all night, i couldnt keep my eyes off her for a second. she stayed at mine sat night, but ive not seen er since then.

ok, ive been out with girls b4 (obviously) and ive ONCE thought i was in love b4, now im not sayin that i am, but.. i think i might be. she is everything i want in a girl, EVERYTHING.

i hope things dont go wrong, which tbh i cant see them doing. AND whats even better is that she actually works exactly the same shifts as me at the same place! so its not like my shitty once problem causing shifts will get in the way!


its almost all too good to be tru. but it is true! and it is real!

im gonna get ready for work now, so i can see her again. oh her names nic πŸ™‚


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Wow, excellent news for a change πŸ˜€ Congratulations! Just as long as working together isn’t a problem for you both, which it can be for some people. I don’t know how closely you work though, Metal Box is a big place as far as I remember.

i know what your sayin, for some ppl it doenst work because you see each other too much, but im hardly in the same place for more than 10 seconds anyway, so i only really see her at break times and stuff. you know what the best thing is out of it all? i showed her my tattoo the other day and she replyed, “so whats then?” πŸ˜€

That’s crazy, but I think I remember reading about it on your site at some point. Maybe David and I should have got WriterExchange tattoos… No.

I have a new site that I think will take off fairly well to a small extent, and to celebrate Im gonna get a tattoo of some tits πŸ˜€

Just a simple idea… random pictures of random people/things on nights out in Nottingham. The story is… the other night at Rock City my mate Reece said to some girl “We’re takin pictures for a website called faces of nottingham, can we see your tits?” and she got them out and he took pictures, so we actually made the site. Soo

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