My Past

holla! :D

hello 🙂 well, where do i start?! went to sanctury at the weekend! omg it was amazing!! got there early and got in the que when it was ded small, we were right at the front it was ace! it was also freezin so we got cold, and wet 🙁 but as soon as the clock turned to [insert time event started] we were waved over and started goin into the arena!

fook nos what went on from here, i got ub0r mashed up and can remember not mcuh at all! i got pix and vids from the event tho, all available to download once daz buys a r00ter from pc fair on friday, and i get my laptop on the interweb.

started ma new job on monday, its pretty good, DED fuckin easy! easy fackin maney mavva facka!

gonna go pick up my fookin HUGE email list, 500+.. 🙁 will ad pics etc friday innit, untill them, holla back!

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