Stuart Paskin is a C**t – Apparently!

Haha, harsh title perhaps, but a recent commenter on one of my other posts about Stuart Paskin revealed some info about a website called “theclientisac**” which is no longer active, but that apparently contained lots of comments about our good friend the asshole that is Stuart Paskin.

So, of course I had to spend 30 seconds trying to find it, and of course, I did.

This is my favourite quote from the site;

I’ll begin this with one of Mr Paskin’s favourite sayings: “without predjudice”. I can’t comment on Lynsey but Stuart Paskin is, and always was, a cunt. I had dealings with him as Grafitti Art in early 2000 and he regularly failed to pay suppliers and staff (all over the world). He’s consistently hidden behind the protection of business law and legal semantics and has zero credability. He couldn’t be further from the respectable, charitable Jewish businessman he portrays. BTW Lynsey: you’re deluded if you think he’s “moved onwards and upwards” — I’d be surprised if there was anything left of his father’s wealth. As for “proper professional channels”: Mr Paskin doesn’t close businesses this regularly on a whim but for his personal gain and legal cleansing. A morally (and financially) bankrupt cunt.

08 September 2011

Have a browse yourself, its pretty broken and its only an archive but if you want to see if you can find a better quote about Stuart Paskin then here’s the link.

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