Scanning through y spam folder, as you do, and spotted this gem. I dont have an earlier email from the guy, perhaps there wasnt one – but the format of this 419 email scam is a bit different and I wanted to share it with you.

from: Angelo Pietrobelli [email protected]
reply-to: Angelo Pietrobelli [email protected]

This is my second time I am sending you this notification, simple
contact Patrick Collins on his email address
[email protected] with your contact information

2. Address,
3. Phone number,
4. Age,
5. Occupation

and your nearest airport to land, so that he can deliver the Atm worth
$5.5 Million as he just landed in your country now but misplaced your
information, he will give you more details when you re-confirm
Your personal code is XLA21492014SD use this code to the diplomat
Patrick Collins , so that he can know that you are the rightful owner
of the Card.

Best regard

Angelo Pietrobelli

The endgame for these people is the same, but their approach has been updated. Trying to trick busy people who feel something may have been sent to them in error. Doucheburgers.

Also notice the reply to is different from the sender address, and then the email referenced int he email body is also different – confusing! And very sloppy!

If it seems too good to be true, it probably is.

Stay ScamWise!

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