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Pointless Social Network Bulls**t

Early 2013 i decided to sync up my social world and use individual social networks for their main purpose – so for example i was gonna share all my images via flickr as thats what its for…

But less than a year later i am TOTALLY going back on my plan, and in fact i am adopting the attitude we have embraced this year at work – clear out the crap, and streamline whatever is left!

  • I am no longer gonna use Flickr to share images as their app is terrible.
  • I am no longer gonna check-in via Foursquare, as all i basically do is check-in at work, and then at costa, and repeat. I may still use this on holidays and make it more of a “where have i been in the world” network. I am no longer sharing my check-in’s to Facebook or Twitter if/when i do use it again.
  • I am totally sacking off Miso – it was fun, but no one (including myself) really needs to read about the movies i watch. If i watch a good one, ill remember it, if its crap, then i dont want to remember it.
  • I am only using Facebook for sharing photos and mini-updates of my life as the access is limited and therefore protected.
  • I will only use twitter for complaining as its totally public and customer service representatives scour it looking for you bad mouthing their companies.
  • And Google+ is to become my techie/work related social network.
  • Youtube is my TV outlet of choice and always will be.

And thats that. I wont be closing any of my accounts as i want to keep the names myself – but i wont be using them, linking to them or referencing them again on here….

Unless i change my mind in another year 🙂

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