Living in Chesterfield

Yes – that’s not a misprint, I am now a resident of CHESTERFIELD!

Gem and I have been looking for a new house for a while as she had to travel far to work every day, and all her mates were so far away so she couldn’t easily (and quickly) go and visit them – my friends all have cars so its not as much of an issue ๐Ÿ™‚

Anyway, we drove about one day looking down random roads and when we got home we used the awesome “Draw-a-Search” feature on Rightmove, and BLAM, a house cropped up that we instantly fell in love with!

Its a little two bedroomed cottage in a little village called Scarcliffe, just outside Bolsover.

We went to view it on the Monday, had the application in for the Wednesday, and picked up the keys the following Monday!

The only thing left to do was pack up our entire life into boxes, and shift then 20ish miles out of Mansfield! Let me tell you – its not something I’d want to do often, what a headache!

That said, the move went quite well, and just over a week later we are 100% moved! We just need to fully unpack the boxes that are scattered about, and decide what furniture we are keeping and what we are selling.

The things that totally sold the house to me were the following;

  1. Its absolutely beautiful
  2. Its exactly half way between both mine and gem’s work
  3. And it has a GARAGE!

Check out this badboy;

I’m so excited, within a few days ive filled it with my crap and then started sorted though it so its nice and organised – it makes you realise how much stuff you’ve got when its all in one place!

There will be lots of pics and updates to my blog now as there are so many amazing new this to photograph..

Oh – and before i forget, we are now going to be advertising “web design chesterfield” as we can now serve that area better as i live a stones throw away ๐Ÿ™‚

Good times!

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