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I F’kin LoveFilm!

For years and years I have borrowed films off friends or occasionally visited the cinema to enjoy them – but as my love for films grows, as does my respect for the actors, directors and people who work on these awesome movies, so I decided to join LoveFilm.

You see the adverts on TV all the time, there are occasionally people selling memberships to the public in the town centre – but for years and years i ignored them. I finally signed up a few months ago, and so far i have to say – I absolutely love it!

The first thing i did was look through newly added films, and checked out the quality of the free-to-stream movies they have on there. I was a little disappointed that there seemed to be a lack of new-new films, LoveFilm seems to be a little bit behind other companies in regards that – but then i had a brain fart, and ive not looked back since.

It became clear to me that I was never gonna get the most from it if i was simpyl waiting for the latest and greatest films to be released, so i started thinking of films from my childhood that i loved – searched for the, and added them to my rental queue!

Since doing that we’ve had a different movie on our door every couple of days, and We’ve watched everything from Drop Dead Fred, right through to Leon (one of my faves) and everything in-between.

We have also watched a load of films online that we would never normally have rented or watched, some turned out to be REALLY good films, some of which i will be reviewing in an attempt at getting more people to watch them.

Those films include Dead Man Running, Rampage, Wonderland, P2 and the Secretary – all very different, but all very good – it makes me wonder how some of these films don’t make it to cinema!

Anyway, If you really Love Film, then join LoveFilm and start exploring the thousands and thousands of films you wont have ever seen – guaranteed!

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I do think that it’s something me and Claire may sign upto one we get the new house. As you know I love nothing more than sitting in with a film, and have a vast collection that seems to be getting larger by the week (I need to stop visiting asda on my own haha)

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