Another server migration

We’ve moved for what will hopefully be the last time (I know i said that the last 3 times) but this time we’ve gone for the top options, two mahoosive brand new server with an intel i7 quad core 2.4ghz, 8gb ram and 2TB HDD! Beasty!

We’ve called the client one, Optimus Prime, and the work one Megatron.


I was up until 4am this morning moving stuff across, making sure that the sites that were moved and i had access to change nameservers, got changed, and any that i didn’t have access to NS i wrote down on a list.

I then went through all the ThreeFifty sites, and updated them – then changed NS.

Ive had an issue with 123-reg and their DNS – for some reason it wasn’t adding certain things into the registry so it meant i couldn’t change the nameservers for any of the work.COM/.NET (TLD’s) domain names, so ive had to host them on the client server until that is fixed.

Once i was only left with client site nameserver changes to do, i updated the IP addresses of the old host nameservers with IP’s from the new client server, and bingo bango about 100 website nameservers changed instantly!

We’ve had some bugs to squash but so far so good.

The new servers are the sheez-neezy too, if you need a dedi then give me a shout as you wont get one better than from our hosting man!

Anyone having issues with anything then get in touch 🙂

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