Hobbies and stuff

When I was a lot younger I used to play ice hockey, play roller hockey, messed about in cars, collected adidas superstars and did some other stuff that was cool and could be classed as a hobby.

Now, I do nothing but work.

I’ve decided that 2011 will be the year when I restart some of my previous hobbies and maybe start a few more.

I’m still “involved” in the car scene, so that shouldnt be too hard to get back into, just means I gotta spend some money on my car – and I’m planning on doing that anyway.

The ssdb is still going strong so all I gotta do is make sure I dedicate time to the website and start looking on ebay for some cool bargains, doesn’t sound too difficult!

Then how come I’m not still doing all these things? If they are so easy to get back into?

I guess it boils down to time management, which is something I’ve been shit with for a long time! I am getting better planning my days out at work thanks to our helpdesk system, Google calendar and my notepad – so I don’t see why that can’t cross over to my non-work activities, too!

I never set new years resolutions but this year Im breaking the habit of a lifetime as I have two, this being one of them – and I plan on sticking to them both!

Wish me luck, gangstas! 🙂

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