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Teaching puppies how to splash in puddles!

Hello friends! Since my last blog ive managed to go out for proper walkies with Hemi my new bestist friend. He’d only been out with his humans before so he didn’t know where the best places to dig, sniff, chew and SPLASH!

Luckily it had been raining a LOT the day before, and every puddle was 3 times bigger than it usually is!

Hmmmm, not sure about getting so far ahead...

I did my usual thing and ran off exploring every blade of grass and Hemi stayed back with Mum and Dad for a bit – he soon got the hang of it though and was soon up front running with me. But then came the puddles!

Hmmm, so its like the stuff in my drinks bowl?

I suggested to Hemi that he may want to try with a smaller puddle first, in case he didn’t like it much – he soon figured out it was the same stuff (except tastier) that you get in your drinks bowl at home – after then there was no stopping him!

Hang on... these are getting BIGGER!

We then got to the road part of the walk, and the puddles got BIG! Hemi was very unsure at first, but after dad pointed out to him that he was a wet puppy anyway, he just dived in head first! After then he was a VERY wet puppy!!!


Until next time!  x

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