Motorcycle Helmet Safety

Motorcycle helmets are the only thing that is separating your head from the road if you come off your bike – and without your head (or brain) you’d be unable to ride your bike (or do pretty much anything else) ever again.

Many people don’t realise that if they drop their helmet even just once it can cause it to weaken considerably so that in the event of a crash its half as effective against saving your skull!

My advice to any biker is to replace their motorcycle helmets AS SOON as they drop it, even if its not from a great height. Old helmets can be sold on but you must ensure you specify they are not suitable to motorcycle’s and would be better suited to grass tracking or something where the helmet is to stop your head hurting when it hits a roll cage, not the road.

2 replies on “Motorcycle Helmet Safety”

Hahaha, was talking to someone the other day who dropped theirs loads..

I was trying to find some stats, e.g;

“Dropping a helmet from 1m can weaken by 45%”

But i could find any! 🙁

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