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Disaster Girl FTW

Hahahahaha, i saw this on some site a few days ago – i couldn’t stop laughing. to cut a long story short, its a transparent PNG file of a girl looking very mischievous!

Your supposed to drop her head on photos of disasters and it rate looks like she is responsible.. eg;


It fits so well! Hahaha.. I wonder what the original pic was, i bet she’d just pushed her brother in a puddle or something – the little bastard.

Anyway, if you wanna play then all you have to do is save this file and your away!

Have fun! And please share with me your chops! 🙂

EDIT – original from here, cant take the credit myself!

EDIT2 – Added another!


Added a blurr to this one so it looks a bit more like a photo thats been taken 🙂 Hahaha

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