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Happy Birthday 2pac/Tupac Shakur 16/06/71

One of the greatest rappers to ever of lived – is the almighty tupac! He was described by many as a thug poet – not a rapper, and the speed in which he would write songs was mind blowing. He also had a successful acting career andstarred in over 15 films, wrote numerous albums and was just basically an alround badass.


He got shot and later died on September 13, 1996 @ 4:03pm due to internal bleeding – his ashes were burnt and mixed with marijiuana and smoked by some of the members of the outlawz. Wow.

So 3 cheers for ‘pac on what would of been his 38th(?) birthday!

Hip Hop, Hurraaaayyyyy!

9 replies on “Happy Birthday 2pac/Tupac Shakur 16/06/71”

Long like the king of rap, king of hip hop, a legend who live is own live, loved by all, 13years we have lived with out him but he live in our mind {TIME FOR A CHANGE, CHANGE THE WE WE TALK, CHANGE THE WAY WE THINK}{HE LIVES ON}

i loveeeeee tupaccc its nr1 in the world for ever fuck bad boy fuck big 2-pac is the bast rapar poet for ever nigazz hapy birthday brather i listening 2-pac evry day evry time i need the worl 2-pac you change the world come back 2-pac you are not death you are live for ever brather rest in peace

well pac is a strong do man is a real g
coz real nigga do what they wanna do
and bitch niggaz do what they can do
i death around the corner with my ak ready to shoot

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