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The XCam Wireless, the X Cam Pro and the X-Cam Mini

We launched the Xcam last week, and the interest has been amazing! The amount of time people spend on the site is insane, they have a really goods look about and the targeted advertising is doing brilliantly.

The only issue we have is when you search for the xcam, x cam, the x-cam or the x cam our site isn’t being found. We are the-x-camslowly creeping up the rankings but were still not high enough to catch all those people who have found the site via an advert, and then want to come back and start buying.

We are gonna add a few networking links on the site – so, follow us on twitter, add us as a friend on facebook, etc. Hopefully that will help our customers keep in touch with us easier and providing a base for people to find the site again at a later date.

We are also in the process of finding more camera units to add to the range, so when you are looking out for a action camera for your motorcycle or for your car, then look no further than 🙂

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