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Why i like twitter

Ive had accounts on most of the top social networking sites just because they were there i suppose. I never really got on with the myspace interface, and the flashing backgrounds and 4 different songs starting at one time started to piss me off a bit. Facebook is a excellent way of finding people you have lost touch with, and sharing what you and your friends do at the weekend.  But i just see facebook as a way of sharing things we are doing with thousands of people. A marketing tool so to speak. Plus i get so annoyed having to block applications, deny gifts, and cancel all the other crap everyone sends me!

Then along came twitter.

Initially i had no idea what the hell use it could ever be. It was so simple, and i really saw no benefit to anyone. Then i started following a few people. I added people that made software i had bought, and i started receiving up-to-date info about the next release of that software. I added Jimmy Carr and found a funny one liner popping up every now and then. I added some people who do similar work to me, and the things they were talking about were relevant to what i do every day.

I suddenly found myself hooked to this on the pulse news being sent to a tab in my browser.

Then i didn’t have access to my pc for a day, and when i got back to work i had totally forgotten all about it. Once i remembered i went back on and started to notice it was quite inconvenient having to check that tab every time i wanted to see if anything had been said.

So i looked for an app to help me keep updated. I noticed a friend of mines posts were from something called twitterfox, DING, it hit me. What an idiot. I have everything else plugged into my browser, and i hadn’t even thought to look for a firefox extension! Thanks stu!

Now i get instantly notified of any tweets and im finding it more and more useful each day.

I also like how they have left it VERY simple, and they have left everything else you might be able to use twitter for up to everyone else.

Ive noticed LOADS of sites that use twitter in different ways. Finding hot talked about topics, integrating pictures even finding specific people to follow in an attempt at getting them to return the favor for use in advertising etc.

I heard that google are looking to buy twitter, too. T hat should be interesting.

Peace out, im now going to bed – and then going on holiday.


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I too am well hooked on twitter. I don’t know if you read my post about why twitter won’t rot but I pretty much summed up what I thought about it there.

Cheers for the comments on my site homes.

Might I also suggest some apps that will enhance your twitter life:

Twhirl – Desktop Twitter client. Pretty stable and nice to use. TwitPic integration built in.

Ubiquity – FireFox plugin that, among a shit load of other stuff allows you to quickly tweet from wtihin your browser without having to move the mouse or go to a different page.

I haven’t read your post yet, but i will do.

Thanks for the apps suggestions, ill try some of them out.

I really want to sort a symbian phone or crackberry or something so i can update twitter wherever i am.


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