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419 Scam – #1 – Madam Aicha Mohamed

Now we all recieve them, and i guess some people must fall for them else surely they would of stopped sending them out? Im talking about those emails you get from people in nigeria trying to help you out by giving you 40,000,000,000 ugandan dollars – but before they can make you a multi-multi-multi-trillianaire, they need $100 from you so they can post you the cheque – Hmm, can someone smell a scam?

Anyway, i have collected them for many years now, and i have decided to start publishing them to my blog so that if the same template is used and sent to someone else and they google it to check its authenticity, they find me, and i can safely tell them ITS A SCAM!

Anyway, heres. 419 Scam number 1 – From Madam Aicha Mohamed!


from: Aicha Mohamed <>



date: Sun, Oct 12, 2008 at 4:20 PM

subject: Sala Muhalekum




From Madam Aicha Mohamed.

Sala Muhalekum My Dear Honourable !!!

I am Madam Aicha Mohamed and been converted to Islamic Muslim Religion with My Late Husband,  I am  54 Years Old Woman and we have became more devoted in Islamic Muslim Religion for quite good number of years now but I am at this moment suffering with ( Esophageal Cancer )/breast and fibroid of the womb which has affected my health and after taking all type of medical treatment in other to find my self survives it still defiling that I will be only having some few Month to live, according to what the medical experts has observed in me.

My Husband who is now Late was killed during the political crisses which took place on September 19th 2002.

My late Husband was the Chairman of the Contract Awarding Committee under Budgeting and Planning of our Country.

Throughout the period of my marriage with him, all efforts to bear Children with him proved abortive because of my poor state of health and after his death issues, I inherited all his wealth ,with our abdopted son by name ( Musa ) since he has no other next of kin but it is now obvious that I may not survive my poor state of health .

I have deemed it necessary to leave a legacy on Earth and give a positive account and justification of the life I lived on Earth before the Almighty ALLAH.

This is what I want to achieve by committing this wealth in all Islamic Societies or orphanages Homes / widows and the less privileged peoples around the Globe.

I am meditating what may happen after death that is why I am taking this decision by giving this Money out to be use to accomplish the Almighty ALLAH’S Divine Marvelous work around the Globe because I highly believed that I will be with Him in his most perfect and the most peacefully place.

Note that this sum(US$ 7.5 Million) was secured and Deposited in one Security Company   with my name by my Late Husband and all the related Documentation covering the Treasure Box are Highly intact with me as the Cobeneficiary of the Treasure.

So on the receipt of your immediate response to me I will forward all the necessary Documents covering the Treasure Box were the Money is been packaged and sealed in the Treasure Box before Depositing it in the Security Company as to enable you open up your communication with them for the releasing of the Treasure Box to you as I cannot follow it up right now because of my illness condition.

Please Religious doesn’t matter in this divine project henceforth I put all my trust in you but do actualize my dreams with this Money for the sake of the Almighty ALLAH because My happiness is that I lived a life of a true devoted life worthy of emulation.

Lastly, I honestly pray that when releasing the Treasure Box to you by the Security Company were the Money is been packaged and sealed it will be well judiciously used for the said purpose as the Almighty ALLAH has reviewed for humanitarian services and you should be aware that whoever that wants to serve Him must serve him in truth and in fairness.

So Please always be prayerful all through your life in this Divine marvelous Work of the Almighty ALLAH.

Until I hear from you and be sure that all my dreams will rest squarely on your shoulders to be accomplish.

Also provide me your direct tel/fax to reach you .

Finaly, 50% of this mony will be for the work of ALLAH, while 35 % will be for our abdopted son which you will also help him to invest in your country, while 15 % Will be for you for your assistance.


Thanks ones again.

Madam Aicha Mohamed


its sick that these people try and use things like wars and poverty to try and blag money – there are people genuainly STARVING and dying becasue of wars and these guys are playing off the back of people who want to help a worthy casue – and all these fuckers want is money.

Well fuck off Aicha Mohamed – Your not scamming me!

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