419 Scam – Mr Tom Jack – He wants to give me £52million! haha

This is the first one of these 419 scam emails i have had all year. I thought the losers had gotten the message that scams like DO NOT WORK. Anyway, here’s Mr Tom Jack’s attempt at conning me and propbably many others out of their hard earnd money.

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RBS are a bunch of fucking losers

Bank Charges. I honestly thought i had seen the back of them, i had not received a charge for ages and it felt great! We had a problem with a customer paying us which meant we didnt get paid when we thought we would do, and this meant a few bills of mine got missed […]

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419 Scam – #2 – Stelle Komana the Deaf Girl

Usually the people that send these 419 scams are claiming to be from a poor war-stricken country. But from time to time they play on common illnesses or ailments that people all over the world suffer from. This girl claims to be a deaf daughter of a now-dead, very wealthy cocoa farmer. Of course there […]

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419 Scam – #1 – Madam Aicha Mohamed

Now we all recieve them, and i guess some people must fall for them else surely they would of stopped sending them out? Im talking about those emails you get from people in nigeria trying to help you out by giving you 40,000,000,000 ugandan dollars – but before they can make you a multi-multi-multi-trillianaire, they […]