Ancis-FM – My old work domains are up for sale

I was just browsing the internet – as you do – and i found myself looking for old work collegues on shitbook. I couldnt find any of them, and i figured most of them would of been too old to use things like the internet by now. (Joke, guys!) 

This then led me on a trail of domain name snooping. I always check domain names that i know belong to friends, associates and ex-friends of mine so i can keep my eye on what they are doing.; I noticed at one point a while back a lot of the domain names that we owned whilst working at Ancis were still active, although they mostly led to holding pages or BT Connect error pages.

So i found myself checking a few of them, and digging a bit deeper on a few that we used as the main ones. The description on a whois tool i use was something along the lines of ‘Deleted and available for resgistration’ – so i double checked with 123-reg and sure enough all the domain names we had are now available for regestration. All except one of the’s which is still owned by Ian – but has nothing on but a 404 page from 123-reg.

I seem to remember him carrying on the maintenence contract for the I-Centre, so maybe he carried on the ancis name, too? 

I still think that company could of done really well if it haddnt ran before it could walk. They spent too much and didnt think about what they had, and what it could of been used for. If only they had stuck a few windows and linux servers in there and ran some form of web hosting company too – they’d be laffin!

I’d love to hear from some of the guys that worked there, so if when you are searching one day, you stumble upon this blog. Then pop a comment on.

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