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A society that favours the slackers

I have had a recent spurt of comments on a post i did about the wheelbase motor project in Nottingham. The comments are from “clients” and employees of the project, and they all seem to completely miss my point of view on the whole subject.

I do understand why these projects exist, and why they work. And i totally agree that school isn’t for for everyone – but you know what? It probably wasn’t right for me either. But i did not smash stuff up or resort to pyromaniacism (is that a word?) i simply got on with it and did what i had to do.

I don’t for 1 minute think projects like this shouldn’t exist – but i feel they should be opened up to all kids at a certain age. When you do your “Options” maybe one of them should be to join a manual labor style placement instead of sitting in a classroom.

I spoke to a friend about the matter, and they told me of a relative of theirs who was a degenerate type, messed about in school and generally caused a nuisance. He was rewarded with day trips, and a trade placement when he was 14. He now earns more then my friend, who is 3 years his senior.

I guess its just another example of how this country favours the doleys and drop outs over the hard workers.

Roll on a fair britain, eh!

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hello my name is SAUL if you listened to the report on the television you would know it was not my teacher that i set fire to it was my school toilets and nobody got hurt so stick that in your fliping report and you see i have not used swear words in my reply”s because i dont want to lower myself to your (rubbish) level so if your going to have a go at wheelbase motor project or the cleints that have joined this project then at least get your facts right!!! and i will repeat that if you think this is a (poo hole) then bring your self down here and we will show you around with great respect to your views. which is not my opinion to what i think but you know seya later loser!

Hi Saul,

Thanks for clearing that up. By saying it wasnt your teacher, and it was in fact your school that you set on fire totally justifies your actions – i retract my previous comments….

….. NAAAAT!!!

Im not doubting the wheelbase project is awesome, im not doubting that you guys have a lot of fun and build some cool shit – i am simply stating i feel its unfair these options are only made available to fucking losers, and not to hard working normal kids.

So get your own facts right, saul!


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