Grandads Funeral

First off – i would like to clear up the fact i am not selling my superstar site. The only reason i considered it is that i was slightly worried i am holding up the future of it by being busy. I do not want to sell it, and according to my members i am not holding the site up either! 🙂

It was my grandads funeral yesterday and i was not looking forward to it at all. I had only ever been to one before, it was my great grans (grandads mum) but that was a very long time ago.

We arrived at my aunty’s house and she looked really upset – i think its probably hit her hardest as she was probably the person who spent the most time with both my grandparents these last few years.

We all stood around chatting, i had a good talk with my cousin laura about work and magazines and stuff. Turns out she worked on redline magazine for a bit a few years ago, if only i had known!

James, hayley and Esther turned up, and we set off to grandads old house to meet the rest of the family.

We all got out and walked to grandads house, seemed very strange him not being there stood having a fag or making a joke about something. We all talked for a bit, then watched the black Hearst pull up with grandad in the back.

There was another funeral car behind that was for my mum, kev aunty melanie uncle bill uncle steve and aunty paula. We followed in uncle bills merc, and then sam ben and everyone else followed us in another car. It seemed strange driving at 3mph through what are usually very busy streets. People seemed to stop and just wait for you to go by before pulling out, and mum said that she even saw an old boy stand up out his wheelchair out of respect. Maybe he knew grandad? Maybe grandad had cut his hair many years ago?

We arrived at the church, and it seemed to drop really cold. It was like there was a big cold bubble around where we were stood. We all waited for everyone to go in, and then followed the coffin into the church to the sound of some guy playing the organ.

Im not religious, so i didnt sing any hymns as i feel slightly uncomfortable singing about something i dont believe in. I did spend the whole time thinking of my grandad and the fun we used to have when i went to stay in the school holidays.

Then we went from the church, to the crematorium. The journey there was probably the highlight of the day to me – as me James Laura and Esther all chatted about the mad things we all used to do as kids on grandma and grandpa’s cottage. We all agreed that it was an amazing place to grow up, totally like something out of a storybook.

I think its the most ive really talked to my cousins for ages, which is entirely my fault. Im no good with family members, i always feel like a bit of an outsider. I guess its cos i was the youngest, and all my cousins have brothers or sisters.

Anyway, we arrived at the crem, and within 15 mins the lady had said a few words, and a curtain got pulled across and that was the last time i would ever see my grandad ever again.

We went for some food at some place me and grandad used to go swimming, and after there we set off for home. I wasnt looking forward to the day at all, but it did go without a hitch, and through the loss of one person hopefully it has brought other people a bit closer together.

You’ll never be forgotten grandad.

Rest in peace.

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