Selling Websites? How much are these things worth?

I have helped set up many websites over the last 10 years of my life. I started out with silly little sites that no one visited and i made for the benefit of my close friends (and mainly just me haha) but then me and dave started and our first big site was born!

Since then we have started a few more between us, and i have started one by myself that has become more popular than i ever would of imagined.

I started the website in order to find out more about the famous superstar sneaker that i had loved for many years. Within months thanks to a few sneakey fake ebay auctions i had a handful of regular members who helped spread the word and create what is now the largest independant adidas forum in the world.

We have over 1200 members, and over 120 people frequent the forum EVERY DAY. The member base is worldwide, and if you search for Adidas Superstars in google, in most counties of the world, we are Number ONE.

Now it is known that me and dave spread ourselves to thinly, we do nt have enough time to keep all our sites totally up-to-date and i can go without visiting some of them for weeks. This has resulted in us thinking about selling a few of the smaller ones so we have less on our plate (we probably have about 30 websites in total)

I never ever thought about selling the SSdb, not in a million years – but it got mentioned to me in a PM from one fo the members. What do i do? Should i hold onto this site that has made me so proud? Do i keep trying to fit it in so that i can remain its only owner?

Or do i work out what i would want for it and sell it? I could maybe offer the chance for people to buy a share in it? Maybe split the ownership of it 3 ways or something? That way i could remain part of it, but share the running of it with other people?

I really dont know what to do.

Part of me says “Dont be stupid, its your site and you should keep it” but then another part of me says “sell it and use the funds to move forward with other projects”

What do you think?

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Thats a tough one ol!! I know how proud you were when you first set it up, and the members started flooding in. Suppose making some profit on it or something, but still having an input and that could be an idea. The splitting of the ownership may be the better option in my eyes!

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