Awesome reminder and calendar solution!

I had only blogged yesterday about how i was finding it hard to remember to do all the things i need to do in a day. Notepads and stuff work kinda, but nothing works better than being told you have to do something when it needs to be done.

have looked around for many years trying to find a stable, striaghtforward solution to my time management disability, and yesterday after ONE search i found it!

I have always liked using google products, as you know their servers are as reliable as they get, and that they will always be at the top of their game when it comes to new technology and new ideas.

So i looked for a google calendar application that could run on my pc. And i found Calgoo!

Its free, and sync’s with google calendar.

In fact, if you need to sort your time management out, just download it!

You will never forget to do anything! (as long as you have it running!)

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