Trying to catch up

My work is starting to get to the stage where i am constantly trying to catch up. There seems to be lots of niggly little things that i need to do but just dont get done. An ongoing maxxd gallery rebuild, random site updates and blog updates i never get time to do.

I am gonna have to deffo look into some day/time planning solutions. I looked into it before but it never really helped, i have tried having sheets where i plan my days down each morning. They worked for a few days but then i forgot about them. I have tried online planning, writing in a notepad kinda planning, and i still seem to forget about things and never finish huge jobs.

I have got a lot better with things over the last year or so, i dont forget as much as using a notepad as a short term memory works well. But i still dont find time to finish things like sorting the maxxd galleries. I will have bursts like the other day when went thru and sorted all folders into date format. So i put all cruises from 2004 in the 2004 cruises folder. etc etc.

I never quite got round to finishing the car ones, i got to lee’s old red corsa, and had a lot more to do! There are thousands and thousands of them. Maybe i should just dedicate a night here and there to it? I have got to think about webspace too though as that aint no small amount of data!

Im gonna try and improve my time management skills, i think allocating certain days to certain tasks/area’s is probably the best way forward. Ill see what i can come up with.

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