Its pretty say to say that nearly everything will change at some point in your life, in one way or another. You change jobs, you move house, you put weight on, lose weight. And things like your morals change too as you become more wise about certain things around you. One thing i have noticed to change quite often through life is my priorities, i.e. the things that are important to me, and the things that are not.

It doesn’t seem 5 minutes ago when my only priorities were making sure my ped had petrol in it and making sure i knew what time i was meeting my mate for a joint after work. They soon changed to making sure i had petrol in my car, and making sure i was up and ready in time to get to work for 9am in order to earn money. Another big priority of mine for many years has been weed, and at some points in my life that priority has been at the top.

I will openly admit to anyone that at certain points in my life i have been addicted to smoking cannabis, it was the first thing i would do when i finished work, the only thing i was bothered about being able to afford – it totally took over my life. It got to that ever so familiar situation for many whereby i would come home, and need a joint in order to be able to have a relaxing night ready for another day at work the following day. I was forever chasing weed, and that left me stung a few times when i bought something that can only be described as the bits of crap left over when you tear carpet underlay up.

I have never been addicted to it in the sense i would steal in order to get it, no way! And all the way throughout my life i have been 100% employed in one way or another, including graphic design jobs, printing jobs, IT support jobs, and have never been fired in my life. But it was definitely at the top of my priority list for a very long time. I would probably say that it has held me back in certain aspects of my life, but im a strong beliver in that the people you meet and the things you do through life define who you are as a person, so i wouldn’t ever want to change anything i have done in my past.

Anyway, It took until i was living in a situation whereby lives partly depended on how i spent my money for me to realise that i had to call the shots and that the money i earnt was better spent elsewhere. Now, all the money i earn go’s on rent, and my few personal bills I have each month. If i have any more money then i give it to gem, as she can use it when we go shopping for food etc. If im feeling flushed, then i might treat myself every now and then, but its not even in my top ten priority list now.

The things that are important to me are Gem, Bonnie, Making sure all bills are paid, My Work, My Family & Friends, Bob & Marlon, My trainers and my Caddy, in that order too. Im not bothered about my appearance, or peoples opinion of me. im just bothered about helping those around me and protecting and providing for those that i love.

I wonder what my priorities will be in a few years?

I wonder if making sure i don’t park my porsche under a tree will ever be one of them?

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Nice Idea about the Porsche!!

I know exactly what you mean, since getting a mortgage and a better/more professional/grown up job my prorities have changed also.
My views and opinions on life and people have changed through work, so much so that creating the right impression at work is a priority over a lot of things. I’ve also stopped worrying about shite mates so much, and you realise that living with your partner is really the only thing that matters. One day you’ll have kids and they will be your life, you have to leave behind certain parts of your life and some friends come into that category.

Im sure my mum said it was called growing up! ha!

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