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How the hell does eMule work then!

I thought it was about time to get some kind of p2p application so that i could get the odd track here and there when someone requests it. I use torrents for everything at the moment – and its not the best for single tracks etc.

So i did some browsing and read some forum posts about the best p2p applications around at the mo. The general word seemed to be that eMule was one of the better ones as many had fake files on and spyware etc. So, i downloaded it!

After half a hour of messing about with my netgear router adding shit into it i finally got into the program…. Oh!

You have to connect to servers and then download from them or something? So i tried to connect to some servers and some did let me on. Most wouldnt, and the ones that would didnt seem to allow me to download anything.. that is if the one i connected to actually brought any results up at all!

Im sure there is a perfectly good explanation for this.. im probably doing something wrong. But god damm is that program annoying!

Somebody help me! haha

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