Stuff stolen from my garage

I have had a garage at the bottom of my old road in mansfield woodhouse for many years now, and it has always been the home for my pickup. Anyway, its now the time to bring the caddy back to life so i have successfully brought it home to my new house.

Before i went to prauge, my garage was broken in to, and i found the plastic sheet in the back of it lifted up as if something had been taken. I paniced, and quickly looked for my bag with my airbag stuff in. I found a bag on the floor that was the same as the bag they were in, and i presumed it was indeed the one i was looking for.

I didnt check in it, i just presumed.

You should NEVER presume..

I checked today, and my airbag stuff was missing. The bag infact contained blowup camping beds.

I should of checked the bags when i found them, but to be honest knowing then would of probably not got them back to me. They stole a compressor, an airtank, all my solenoids, wiring, switches and air pipes etc – and one of my dads big holdall bags. These items are mine, that i have struggled to pay for over the stupid amount of time i have been trying to get this god damm truck on the road. Who gives these people the right to take things that do not belong to them? How do they sleep at night knowing they are fucking with peoples lives when they do this sort of shit?

I have spoken to the police, and they basically that despite a council run cctv camera scans and records all the activity right outside my garage, because its been 3 weeks i doubt they will check the recordings as it takes too long.


What the fuck am i paying council tax for if its not to pay your fucking wages so you do your fucking job? I work hard, pay my fucking way and dont break any laws bar the odd minor speeding violation. So why am i being completely fucked over by the very people who’s food i buy and cars i fuel up?

Im gonna find out how much of my council tax go’s to you fuckers, and not pay it. If they ask ill tell them to take me off the fucking list cos i dont want your fucking help anyway. All you do is take my money when i do 40 in the middle of the night in a 30 zone, and fob me off when someone steals something that belongs to me.

If anyone hears anything about this kinda stuff trying to be sold, then let me know.

Old, kinda rusty airbag stuff, the air tank has a broken pressure switch.


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crap news mate, thing is, thats a VERY specific thing they have stolen, it’s not the kind of thing your average smack head would pick out. One of those things that is valuable but doesn’t look it and only to certain people…

£5 says it’s some aquatance or other as bad as that sounds, when the mango saxo got done over I know it was someone who knew me/know of me..

Shit news dude.

Who are you having a go at here? the council or the police? 3 weeks after the event the CCTV wont even be avaliable, and like you said you should of checked in the first instance… I know you shouldnt of been robbed, and its shitty, there’s no disputing that.

PS when did Weed become legal?

Mason, its because it was in a bag nearest the door. Easy to carry i guess. But you could be right i guess.

Ally, my beef is with the whole system. Yes, your totally right, i should of looked in more detail, but it was late, dark and i thought i had found the bag i was looking for.

I could of acted quicker if i had checked in more detail at the time – my mistake – but i didn’t steal my stuff, someone else did that.

And the guy are the cop shop said that he pretty much guaranteed they wouldn’t review the tapes, even though they would of actually still been available.

If i get a response from it, then fair enough. But i’d bet what little spare money i have on the fact they wont ring me back after reviewing the records from the 3 hour time window i gave them from the night it happened.

Your obviously a police officer, or are related to one, and some coppers do do their jobs well. But on a whole, the way in which our country is policed has many flaws, and a lot of the time the hard working people of this country are the ones that are left worst off.

What i do in my own home is my business.

Have you got an alarm on your lockup? Might be a good investment for the future?
I know its a pain in the arse but if its a garage left alone most of the time then its going to be tempting for scumbags, end of… I can see your point about reviewing the cctv camera’s, however I also agree with Ally to a certain point.. I guess Im sitting on the fence a little bit, but maybe it should be the council that you are speaking to about the cctv? It makes more sense for them to be looking through a video than taking an officer off the road for the 4 or five hours that it would take to obtain the tape, watch it etc. I think as a country we need to start and take more responsibility for what goes on in our towns etc. How many neighbourhood watches are their these days? Nowhere near as many as before and pressure on the police is building, there are less men and more work to do than there were ten years ago. I know its not a small crime to you, but its a matter of balance… What are the likelyhood of them actually catching whoever it was? If anyones clever/stupid enough to break into a garge then chances are it will be at night and they will have thier faces covered…
Another thought, does your home insurance cover it? Or even the insurance on the car? I know it will bump your premium up, but it probably wont be by as much as it will cos to replace them?

As Im saying, Im not saying its right, Just that maybe a complaint to the council might be in order. There are people who are paid to watch the CCTV cameras and phone the police if they see anything suspicious. This obviously hasnt happened here

I tried to speak directly to the council, but they dont deal with the public in regards CCTV, it all has to be done thru coppers according to that guy i spoke to.

I dont have an alarm no, im moving out the garage as its too far away from my house.

Someone else has mentioned my house insurance too and that i might able to claim on that..

I must read my t’s & c’s tonight!

And i dont want the police to catch the person, i want a description of them. As in a small town like woodhouse a description is all you need to find the person responsible and punish them.

If its some kid then if the 5-0 find them then what are they gonna do to him?

They are gonna tell him off and take him home.

Thats not punishment.


Heard nothing – SUPRISE!

Im not trying to dictate what you do in your own home Olly, my point was your claiming to be law abiding when your not. What you do it none of my business, I just had issues with your “law abiding” claim.

Im sure there is a scheme for shed alarms in the council, I’d speak to them to prevent future break-ins? You certainly would qualify for one.

If i break the law its in ways that do not have a negative effect on the place i live or the people who live in it..

there’s breaking the law, then there is being a fuckwit and fucking with peoples lives.

And im not sure if your being helpful with your last comment, or degrading. Ill take it as helpful – but for your information i do not wish to keep a garage in a area that i no longer know or trust.

Plus alarm or not, if someone wants to break in, they’ll break in. And how many of us ACTUALLY stick our head out the window when we hear a house alarm or car alarm going off?

I know i rarely do it..

Simply because i find them to be an annoyance!

Even if we do hear one, yet cant see anyone actually doing anything – the police wont do anything!

I rang them once when i was on security and unless i could actually see a crime being committed they would not dispatch a squad car..

I know there are a lot of false house and car alarms going off.. but i still think that if someone calls up they should at least get someone to swing by if they are passing through!

I was trying to be helpful, im prety sure the council offer a scheme for alarms.. my got one.

I think the idea with alarms are to ast a a deterrant (sp).

Theres no arguing that some crimes are worse than others but law is law, you either abide by it or not.

we got a house alarm for free from the council. they also gave us a shed alarm, they only cost about q tenner I think? its nothing startling but if its the differnce between breaking into your property with a visible alarm, and one without and alarm on view i know which I’d go for if I was forced too

Our house alarm was free (before we moved in thoug) you can tell cause every buggers on the street are the same!! lol

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