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What runs through these peoples minds?

I understand that not everybody has the same point of view as me on nature, and the great outdoors. I would be so happy living on some beach or up some mountain miles away from anyone (as long as i had the internet somehow hee hee) with just my girlfriend and my poochie to talk to. To me, that is the perfect existence.

Since gettin bonnie i have done lots of walking and both me and gem have both started appreciating the outdoors even more. We walk her in the mornings around this huge field thing right next to our house. There is a big bit of overgrown grassland, a old road that go’s right round the back and if you walk up that a fair bit you can cut across to this HUGE sand field. Its a really good walk for her (and me) in the mornings as there is lots of room to throw sticks into the grass and on the sand bit. Bonnie loves it!


Our first beef with this walking area, was the dog shit. My latest beef, is with the bellamy road scumbags who see no harm in dumping their shit along the road at the back of the wasteland. There is a lot of rubbish around anyway, as i dont think the land is looked after by anyone, but we went out the other morning and there was two HUGE piles of shit. Carpets, bags full of polystirene, old fencing, boxes.. Even some old plant pot type things! You name it, it was there.


And we were out this morning, and someone had burnt out a (probably stolen) mini motorcross bike.  The wheels were in fine condition, and to be honest the engine didnt look bad, but all the plastics were melted so it would of been impossible to fix. It was just lying burnt out in the middle of the track. Why?

Why steal it in the first place?

Why burn it out?

Why blatantly litter a lovely little trail that MANY people walk dogs along?

Why why why??!?!

Its times like these i wish i had patience, cos id sit there for days and days waiting for the little bastards to come back then set them on fire and leave them to burn in the middle of the road – see how they like it!

When i have a jeep, or when the pickup is working, im gonna go down the track and tidy it up i think. There are lots of bricks and stuff im gonna steal and build a BBQ in the back garden, and the rest of the stuff i will take to the tip.

Then i think im gonna do some flyers, and post them in every door in this area so that people know i have cleaned it up, and that im watching the fuckers and if i see anyone flytipping ill ring the police after shooting them from my bedroom window!

One day these inconsiderate fuckheads will learn and witness my wrath!

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