Bonnie The Dog

Ice cream on the floor?

Now im not sure if im 100% correct here, but i went outside today and there was ICE CREAM on the floor! Ive never had ice cream, but i know its cold cos its in that cupboard that is very cold in the kitchen.

I tasted the ice cream on the floor, and it was just like water!

mmm ice cream, i thinkmmm ice cream AGAIN, i think..

It seems to of gone now, but it started coming from the sky earlier! I hope there is more it was tasty!

4 replies on “Ice cream on the floor?”

It frightens me!
Mum’s just tried to get me to go outside in it when it was falling from the sky and I did my best not to go out. I tried sitting my bum on the floor as hard as I could, I tried lying down too. I even tried leaning backwards when she tried to get me to go down the step but it didnt work.
So I just stood scratching and crying at the back door till she let me in

Hello Bonnie,
My name’s Coco and I’m a Labradinger too! I look just like you and was born in November. My Mum & Dad make me lie down for treats too. They send me outside to poo even when there’s that slippery cold stuff on the floor and it’s dark. I get them back by hiding in the bushes and they have to come out with a torch and get their feet cold too. I love puppy parties and puppy playschool, rolling about on the floor with my other puppy friends.

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