Bonnie The Dog

Magic Doggy!

I found a magic doggy at grandma’s house!!!!!!


She knew exactly what i was going to do, and she did the same! She was like the twin sister i never had! Well, i have 4 other sisters but they dont read my mind like this one did!!

I had to leave her upstairs at grandmas house, maybe ill see her again soon! I hope i do!

One reply on “Magic Doggy!”

Wait until you discover the other doggies in the following places;

The Washer
The Fire
The TV
The Cooker

The ones in the washer you sometimes have to bark at because they think they’re better than you. As for the ones in the fire, they just need staring out and putting in their place from time to time 🙂

Lots of Love,
Millie Mummy Dog x x x

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