A break from the internet

I know i updated my blog a few times over the xmas period, but apart from that i have not used the internet or done any work for the entire holiday duration.

Its been nice to be honest, i have spent many a hour in front of the tv – with my girlfriend and dog – just chilling out and eating food and chocolate ๐Ÿ™‚

I came back yesterday to a long list of things that need doing, and over 300 emails that needed attending to. It was daunting at first but after a hour or so i was well into it and plodding through my list quite rapidly.

So the xmas break has been most excellent for myself, i had the best ever home cooked xmas dinner, and i spent most of the time with gemma and bonnie which was exactly what i wanted. ๐Ÿ™‚

Bonnie opening prezziesour front roomdinner cooked by me and gem

We did the rounds xmas day and cooked our own dinner in the afternoon, it was delicious! We then played with presents and generally monged out. Bonnie had lots of fun with the paper that was floating about, and even more fun playing with her new toys! ๐Ÿ™‚

The day after, err boxing day, we went to my aunty melanies house and it was bonnies official first trip to skeggy! It was nice to see my family, but i dont think aunty melanie was best pleased with the doggys running around her house! As jazz was there too!

queen jazzgem and bon

The 27th was mostly spent watching tv.

The 28th was my bday, and we went ice skating in notts, on the market square! They had iced over the entire market place just for me! Ok, so not just for me, for a few thousand other people too – but i pretended they had done it just for me!

me and gem skatingthe rinkme and the most beutiful girl in the whole world

Then, the day after that we decided to take bonnie on her first proper walk. You can read about that in more detail over on her blog. We also celebrated the new years in style, gem and chazza dressed up as 118 118 people and we went to the drum and bass night at the town mill. It was most bodacious.

gem and bonie walkingmotion shotbonnies first stick

It has been a most tubular vacation from the world wide web, but now im back im back with a vengeance. This year is going to be awesome i can sence it in my gizzard, so watch this space, monkeys.

stage 1stage 2stage 3

Happy times.

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