Bonnie The Dog

A routine is starting to form

Hello friends. Well, im just over half way through my first week with my new mum and dad, in my new house. And things are going great!

My dad is doing something called “working from home” cos he says someone needs to look after me in the day. God dad, im a big girl you know – im more than capable of looking after myself! parents eh!

My dad has been bringing me into his office upstairs ad been putting me in my cage so that he doesnt have to watch me all day. I really dont mind my cage its like my safe house as it smells of me and no one can get me so i can sleep without worrying. Speaking of sleeping, my dad got this picture of me sleeping whilst he was working the other day.

How can she be comfy?

I seem to get to sleep better when i am in a funny position, like with my head buried into the corner of the cage – its nice and cold on my nose!

So my days are starting to have a routine now, mummy gets up early with me in the morning, makes me some breakfast – which is my favourite part of waking up! Then she bring me upstairs and plonks me on dad – so i chew his fingers and ears until he wakes up hee hee.

This morning i had a little accident and poo’d upstairs under mum and dads bed – its the first time i have poo’d in the house and my dad shouted at me big time! I dont think il do that again!

After breakfast, mum go’s off in her blue house with wheels to go and get money for presents for me according to my dad – i still dont understand this work thing yet. Me and dad then watch a bit of TV,  while dad eats his breakfast and drinks a cup of tea. If i have been a good girl i get a cup of tea too! And dad gave me a bit of toast this morning but im not too keen on it – i like dog food me!

Then dad take my cage upstairs, and brings me and my toys up too – he plays with me for a few mins then shuts the cage. Im quite happy in here tho, i chew my toys and blankets – it is nice on my teeth cos they are hurting all the time now 🙁 mum says its teething – whatever the hell that means.

Anyway, i then sleep till its lunchtime, and dad makes me some more food and then we play and watch TV again – its lots of fun. We go outside for a bit too, and my favourite thing to do is chase leaves, sweeping brushes and the garden rake. Leaves are great, and they dont taste bad too.

Then i go back upstairs with dad, and sleep until mummy comes home. Then mummy carries me around and kisses and hugs me – its so embarrassing. Luckily none of my friends have seen her do it i would be so embarrassed!

I like to help dad make tea too,  he got this sneaky photo of me while he was cooking last night!


Mum and dad have been trying to teach me stuff – but i cant be bothered with it at the moment. They keep saying “paws” and tapping my feets – and pushing my bum down and saying “sit” – but all i want to do is play with my toys!!

I got a toy taken off me last night cos i had killed it apparently – but duh.. it was a teddy so it wasnt alive in the first place. I think my mum and dad think im stupid you know!

Last night dad went out to play with his friends, so me and mum played and played and played – i was exhausted and accidentally wee’d on the floor so mummy shouted at me. I gave her the puppy dog eyes and went to my cage to sleep. Then dad came in and woke me up AGAIN.. its ALWAYS dad that wakes me up!! GOD!!!!

Just before i went to bed i was playing hi5’s with mum on the settee – it was fun and i didnt want to stop. Dad was tickling my tummy too and it was making my leg shake – i dont no why it just does it!


Anyway, dad has to make me some dinner now, so im off..

My other sister Molly has a blog now too, so read hers –

Bye! 🙂

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