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Hello – welcome to my blog

Hi, my name is bonnie and i am a 6 week old labrador/springer cross puppy. They call me a springador, or a labradinger.. But im not sure what they mean..

My mummy and daddy picked me up on saturday morning, and after saying goodbye to my brothers and sisters, we went out in the cold and got in a really small house that has wheels on it. It then started to move!!

I didnt like it at first, but mummy held on to me tight and i felt safe so i just looked out the window and the birds that ill be chasing one day 🙂 then i got tired so went to sleep with mummy in the back of the car.

Bonnie asleep in the back of the carBonnie is home!
Bonnie tired again

As soon as i got in my new house, i played and chased mummy.. I soon got tired again so i went to sleep with daddy and watched some TV. I like TV, you get to look at stuff but you dont have to move. Its one of my favourite things to do!

I was a bit unsure where to poo and wee, so i had a few accidents in the house – but when i needed a poo i just scratched the back door and went out side. I don’t like poo’ing in the house as i might get shouted at.

I had lots of visitors that day, as it was my first day home. I met both my grandma’s and grandad’s, and i met aunty chazza and uncle stu.. It was a very busy day, and i slept for a lot of it…

I also kept mum and dad up most of the night cos i was scared and i missed millie and my brother oakley 🙁

Soon enough it was sunday, and i got to play and visit more friends. It was a very busy day again, and i got to meet my new dog friend Jazmine. She is so big, i was a bit scared at first but then Jazz wanted to play.. That only lasted about 10 mins tho so i played with mum and dad and grandma again.

Sniffing JazzFine, dont play!

Mum dad and grandma had their dinners, and then we left to go home as i needed mine! I had fun at grandmas tho, as her garden is much bigger than mine. But jazz didnt like me drinking out her water bowl – she got jealous. I think its cos she doesnt know me yet 🙂

We got home, and daddy went out to play with some of his friends. So mum and aunty chazza looked after me, it was great. I like aunty chazza, she likes to play with me and its fun 🙂

I soon crashed out, as mum and dad had not let me sleep ALL DAY! Well, i sneaked the odd power nap in, but i was very tied when it came to bed time, so i slept nearly all the way through the night. I only woke up twice!

Monday was a strange one, do my mummy and daddy get to stay with my all the time? Im sure humans should have jobs!

We played again to start the day, and i went outside for wee’s and poo’s – i got shouted at 4 times as i did a little wee on the carpet. I couldnt help it, it just came out!

Today i heard mum and dad talking about the nasty vet man, i dont no who he is yet but he sounds nasty! I went to see my other grandma again today, and i saw her two doggies, they are nuts! One of them kept running away when i ran up to her, it was great fun!

On the way back we went to a big shop with lots of fish in it, and toys and leads and stuff! I was making all the people say “Aww” and they wanted to stroke me. My mum and dad say its because im beautiful? Mum got me a new collar and some new toys to play with – i don’t really like wearing a collar its itchy and it annoys me. Its for when im a big girl apparently, or so they keep telling me!

Dad holding meMy new coller, and after i had jabs
After a long day!

After we got back from grandma’s we went home for dinner, then we went back in the car to the nasty vet mans house. There was a little dog there when we arrived, but i didnt like him. He was funny looking, a bit like a mop!

The vet put me on a cold table that smelled funny, and started putting a cold metal disk on me and listening. There’s no music in here dude! He then pinched me and it hurt. While he was talking to my mum and dad about micro chips or summat (what a time to talk about food!) my dad nearly dropped me off the table. It was kinda my fault as i was walking backwards and nearly walked right off the table! He caught me though! Then mum nearly broke the door on the vet mans room! Then, we went back in the car back home for the final journey of the day.

We got home and i had some dinner, then mum and dad played with me until i was tired and just wanted to sleep. Daddy sat with me while i went off to sleep, and mum and dad went off for a early night as they say i have kept them up since saturday. I havent! I have been in my cage every night how can i get them up!

I was a good girl, all night, and didnt wake up till 5:50am monday morning, as i needed a poo and a wee – so i cried and dad came down to let me out. He says im a clever girl but all i did was have a poo outside! Jeez, get a grip dad!

I laid watching TV with dad until mum got up, then she played with me for a bit until she had to go out in the car by herself. dad is on his tappy machine, tap tap tap.. sounds like me when i walk on the kitchen floor. He says its a computer, but im not sure!

Im going to sleep again now, and i will put some more stuff on here for you to read later on. If you want to be my friend, then contact my dad and he’ll make you a website of your own just like he has for me and my brother oakley 🙂

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Aaaw, my little Bonnie Bonnie Bonnie! Glad your being a good girl for mummy and daddy, we all miss you loads, but it sounds like your having a good time!

See you soon
Momma & Grandad xx

hello there bonnie, so glad you have settled in at your mum and dads house missing you and love you loads xxxx

p.s. we will come over and see you soon

Hi Bonnie!
Would you like to come for a big walk with me and all the others once we’ve all had jabs??
Grandma Sarah mentioned us all going out with Mummy after they’ve all got this christmas thing over an done with, we can take over Sherwood Pines or Clumber Park or something?
Im missing you lots and Lots, but it sounds like your having lots of fun with your new family. Im excited about going to live with my New brothers soon and they are all excited about me coming too.
See you soon,
Love Molly Dog

Hello Bonnie Chops, i’m glad your having loads of fun with mummy and daddy, haven’t seen you for a few days so missing you, me and uncle stu will come and play soon love ya loads xxxxxx

Wow, aren’t i a popular puppy!

Molly, i would love to meet up and go for walkies.. we can chase leaves and sniff things..

I will bark at you when i have had my second jabs and let me no when you have had yours.. and can go have some fun!

Love Bonnie xxx

Hiya Sis!!
I’m finally at home with Mum and Dad – it’s fun this exploring lark ain’t it??
Don’t worry about your accident on the carpet, I did a couple last night, Mum shouted at me but I know how to get round her – I ran into my bed and pretended to tear the label off my bed – it hurt my teeth but don’t tell anyone!!
Hugs n Licks soon

hey little girl! glad you’re doing well.

just to let you know… you’re a springerdor.. cuz your daddy is a springer, and your mummy is a labrador..
if your daddy was a lab, you would be a labradinger 🙂

just so you know who you are 🙂

Jasper Dog

hey just in reply to Jasper dog up there my millie dogg’s mummy is a lab springer x and her daddy is a springer. We want to breed her with a springer when shes abit older. would her pups be springerdors or labradinger?

p.s extremely gorgeous puppy very similar to millie bums

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