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Alternative number for 123-reg

I have found myself ringing 123-reg a fair few times over this last year, and to be honest it was annoying knowing i was being charged 10p a minute because some clown couldn’t be arsed to put their backside in gear, and answer the phone.

So i used the fab website,, and found the following number that is EXACTLY the same line as the 10p per minute contact number.

01782 605 399

Do not get stung with a £3 phone call, especially when your on hold for most of it. Use this free number for 123-reg, and utilise your free minutes on your mobile, or your “Evening and weekend” call plan at your home.

As i write this, im actually on hold to 123-reg, as they have had some problems with changing nameservers on .com domain names. Its most annoying, especially as i thought it was something that i had f**ked up!!


EDIT – Update 16/02/09 – The above number doesnt work any more, try 0208 587 7558 🙂

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