Meet Baby Bonnie

Baby Bonnie - 20 hours old

Meet Baby Bonnie. She is roughly 20 hours old here.

She was born on the 14th October 2007 at 8:30pm

3 thoughts on “Meet Baby Bonnie

  • She’s gorgeous Olly!
    We’re also having a little girl but are calling ours Molly. we’re gonna nip up and choose a pup on thursday but I think we might see if we can have pup number 4 as Karl saw her actually being born.
    We’ll have to all have a trek over to clumber or something when they can go out after having jabs and have a mass millie and pups walk!

  • I am Biased as they’re my grandchildren, but AAAAAAAW!

    Be nice for us all to go, get sammie and mason to fetch Jasper too so they can have a family reunion, hopefunny Jasper won’t remember how much he loves millie, or you’ll all be in for another puppy! lol!

    Sarahb xx

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