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Free McDonalds, Puppy Dogs and Women Drivers

I dont venture into McDonalds much, to be honest i only nip in nowadays if Gem wants anything.. And then i might be inclined to have the odd cheeseburger.

Anyway, after missing my mothers famous sunday dinners due to illness, while we were out yesterday we called into McDonalds in Barlbourgh and ordered some food. I had a large fries and a Chocolate milkshake to dip them in, and gem had a Big mac meal.

After i ordered, i decided to pay with my card, and stuck it in the card reader. He then toddled off with our order, got our food and handed it to us. We got some BBQ sauce, and did one. It wasn’t until i left sarah and nez’s house, when i realised i didn’t have my card on me.


I suddenly remembered that i had never entered my PIN number, so therefore had not paid for my food, and i had left my card in the reader! I shot back there, and ran in, asked the lad who served me who signalled his manager, and they gave me my card back.


So 1 free McDonalds, and a HUGE sign of relief!

Anyway, the reason we were that end of the world was that earlier that morning, we had got a picture message from Nez, the puppies had come a week early! So we did what we needed to do after the wardo-last-weekend-in-the-party-house party, i had dinner at my mums, then we shot off to see them.

When we got there there were only 3 puppies born, and she had stopped giving birth for a few hours, 4 hours after the last one popped out, another one followed, then she nipped outside for a wee, and one more followed that!

Me and gem have decided to have the one born outside, and we are calling her Bonnie. ๐Ÿ™‚ the rest of the puppies came after we had left,leaving her with 9. One of the puppies had a dodgy birth, and was actually dead when it was born, but the wonders of nature meant millie brought her back to life. Unfortunately that little one passed away in the night. RIP lil unnamed dude/dudette. ๐Ÿ™

We have to wait about 8ish week’s until we can have her, but we can go and see her whenever we like. So we’ll be going a lot!

Now on a completely unrelated event, i was driving to work this morning.. Just to add, i have nothing against women drivers, just this one.

I was approaching the hatched yellow area, outside the police station (you know the areas that your not allowed to stop in) and the car in front of me crossed it, and stopped as the lights were on red, there was no room for me to go across so i stayed put, leaving a nice big gap for cop cars to fly in and out.

This dozy fucking broad, in a silver 206, pulled out from inbetween sovereign signs, and the dulux place, and pulled up behind me, she was at a right angle from me as there was no room, she was blocking the opposite side of the road, and was edging towards me as if to say “come on, move up”

I aint braking no rules for no stupid 206 driving bitch, so i let her block the road and ignored her. I then drove up the bypass, past metalbox on my right, and then into the middle lane of the road and stopped as the lights where on red. Now this dozy bitch from before pulls up behind me, and immediately starts fiddling about with shit, and before i could say boo, she shunted into the back of us! I looked at gem, then tried to work out what had happened, had my foot slipped off the clutch? hmm but it was still on the clutch?

I then realised the FUCKING IDIOT had slipped off HER clutch, and had bumped the back of the car, i got out and looked at the rear, not a scratch or dint or crack in sight. So i glared at her, and drove off.

She wants to hope she doesn’t see me again, as i was in a rush to get to work this morning, if i hadn’t of been, of of been getting out the car with a stiff neck and everything! ๐Ÿ˜‰

In conclusion, all women in 206’s are tards! (expect ally! ๐Ÿ˜› ) – All McDonalds workers are dumb as shit, and waiting 8 weeks so you can have your puppy is poo ๐Ÿ™

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