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BT Rip Off Connection Charge

Ahh, it jsut gets better. I recieved a bill from BT about a week after having my line turned on. According to BT (i managed to get thru to speak to someone after A WHOLE HOUR OF MY LIFE was wasted on hold) BT Open Reach are in charge of the phone lines, and as they are a separate part of BT, there is nothing he could do to remove the £124.99 charge they had slapped on my bill, for simply TURNING ON the phone line.

They were in my house for 5 mins, plugged something into the wall, walked off down the street, activated it at the box at bottom of the road, came back, gave me my number, job done. Thats not worth £125 you fucking losers!

On this bill i got, they had also signed me up for “BT Together Option 2” which includes weekend and evening calls for free. When the fuck did i tell them to sign me up to that? Answer – i didnt! They just presumed i would want it, and charged me for it!

In total, my bill came to over £160, and i had not even plugged a phone in to make a call. Its fucking disguisting, and i feel robbed. Luckily i managed to speakt o a guy who was pretty helpful, and he has postponed the bill for a few months to give us time to save up.

If only NTL had put fucking fiber optic cabling in my road.. then i would of NEVER had to even speak to any fucker at BT.

In conclusion, NEVER USE BT.. if you can help it..

They are fucking crap.

In other news, my AOL router came today, and hopefully i can get my net working tonight, and then.. WOO! i can start spending the amount of time i really need to spend, posting on forums, and promoting the stuff me and davros are doing.

I cant wait! 🙂

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