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Moving servers, and not following suit

I swear im a expert at this now. I have 3 more sites to move, and a few to rebuild as they were kinda dormant on the old hosting account. I have had to rebuild my gallery AGAIN.. i have put its version 20 as i must of rebuilt it from scratch about 20 times. It sure feels like i have!

Now people that know me know that i like to be a bit different, and i don’t like to follow suit. When i first heard about facebook, i thought great, another pile of shit website that is gonna annoy me, zap my time from me, and generally be a pile of crap. Well, i caved in and signed up for it a few weeks ago, and.. i was right! It is generally a pile of shit.

The only good thing about facebook, is the fact that such a hype was generated about it when it was launched and over the last year or so of it being open, that nearly everyone in their right mind has signed up to it.

I got into work today, and a chap called Phillip Bates had added me to his friends list. I didnt recognise the name, so i went on about my day and didnt think anything of it. I then checked my inbox, and he has sent me a message.

Its only a friend of mine, that i knewwhen i was EIGHT years old!! I didnt remember who he was at first, but a quick phone call to my mum confirmed who he was, and i DO remember him from over 15 years ago!

Now, if i dont find or get in touch with anyone else through facebook, in my eyes its paid for its self already 🙂 (even though it was free)

Thank you facebook!

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