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New Photo of Missing Madeleine? Or Hoax to take focus off mccans?

I came back into my room this morning after having a shower, and gemma had the TV on. There was a news report on and some woman was being interviewed going on about how “She looked out of place” and was “very white with blonde hair”. I instantly thought, madeleine!

As soon as i got to work i found a pic on the internet and tried to improve the quality of it so that the face of the little girl would become more ledgable. Unfortunately, it was near on impossible due to the way a picture of that sort is made up.

Enhanced Photo Of Missing Madeleine Spotted IN Morocco

Just looking at the photo (even though its poor quality) makes you instantly think that something is wrong with it. Why is a kid that is whiter than white and with blonde hair on the back of some disguised woman/man in Morocco?

It seems that after months of nothing but speculation and accusations, that ONE piece of evidence has finally come to light that suggests maddy may be still alive!

Or, on the flip side.. Maybe this photo (however convincing it may be) is a complete hoax, and the release of it has been totally instigated by the mccanns to take the spotlight away from them? Its a sad thing to think, but it wont be the first time that propaganda like this has been used to pull the wool over the unsuspecting publics eyes.

Only time will tell.

4 replies on “New Photo of Missing Madeleine? Or Hoax to take focus off mccans?”

can you explain the man on the far right please?

He is wearing womens clothes and is carrying a womans bag – HE HAS A BEARD

I hope it IS Maddy – that way, they’re a step closer to finding her. I still kinda think she’s dead though to be honest.

maybe they are all men, and are dressed up to look like women..

3 men walking with a little girl would raise more suspicions than 3 women walking with one..


maybe its cold in that country, so the women grow beards to keep warm 🙂

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