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Child Exploitation – The Bad, and The Hero’s

No one like to read about children getting treated inappropriately, stories of internet chat rooms being playgrounds for fat 57 year old men who sit and slime their way into the trust zone of many 13 year old girls all over the world.

Well, thse sick pencil dicked wierdo’s need to watch out, as there are people out there that WILL catch you, and they pass information on to the police who take these matters VERY seriously! was brought to my attention by my mum who signed her first search warrent the other day allowing police to enter a mans house and take his computer. He had been caught by the guys at catchaperv, and had his detailed forwared on to the metropolitan police, who had in turn passed it on to his local police (sutton-in-ashfield) being the perfectionist she is, my mother did not tell\me WHO it was, but that he was some pedo that had been trapped and he lived in sutton in ashfield.

I just cannot think if a more worthwhile cause than entrapping these fucking losers and grassing them in tot he feds. If you guys read this, then YOU ARE THE BOYS!! The world needs more people like you – and if you need any help with your quest to catch these fuckers, then holla at me!

Mass respect! – Catchin perv’s since ’06

My blog title states the good and the bad, and the bad comes in the form of a website i see cropping up at the top of gmail page ALL the time. is a site that is apparently set up by heidi, who is a 6 year old little girl that would like to buy her dad a ferarri after he commented on one in the street.

The website states that by selling her pictures to people all over the world, she aims to raise enough cash to buy her dad a ferarri.

Now, im no detective, nor am i a child anaylist/psycologist but surely a 6 year old girl would not be able to make a website of that quality (even though its pretty crap) find web hosting, upload it and spell and punctuate things to such a high level as that website displays.

Also, its kind of funny how they have chose comic sans as the font used on the site, not only is this a pretty uncommon font to use (i.e. not default in most web development programs DW, FP etc..) but its also a fairly similar typeface that a young child would produce with their own handwriting. And the fact that she seems to have a google adwords account, and is able to set up pop3 email addresses, all suggests that this website is in fact not set up by heidi, and is probably run by her father who is exploiting the fact she is a little girl, to get something that his greedy self wants.

This is child exploitation on a digital level, but no level of child exploitation is acceptable, especially when it involves some scrote trying to get a high end supercar , for free.

Save up and buy one like the rest of the overpaid people, you fucking loser.

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