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I will miss the internet

..When i go travelling! I love being able to search, and find what i want in a matter of seconds.

We have moved all our shit to a new server, and all the clients stuff over to a new virtual dedicated server – which at the moment is running like a dream. Apart from moving shit across, i haven’t really taken any time to look to see if everything is working OK on the new client server, and of course, it wasn’t.

I had a message from one of our clients, saying that he couldnt get GD working, and that he thought it may not even be installed. I checked, and it wasnt.

So after 5mins of google searching, i found this chap – and he spoke about a similar problem when migrating from Fedora to CentOS on his server.

he explained the correct code to use is;

yum install php-gd
service httpd restart

The first part worked amazingly (once i had logged in as root) but the second part wouldnt work, so i restarted the httpd service manually in WHM – ding dang do! Works like a charm!

So yeah, when im sat on a white sandy beach, with the warm ocean at my feet and nothing else round me for miles, i certainly will miss the internet!

..No, really!

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