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Long overdue

With server moves, and gallery rebuilds – i havent had time for my own personal stuff recently. And i havent been keeping my blog up to date as much as i should either.

So here go’s, im gonna spill my brains all over this post.. Ewww.. that sounds messy!

Ill start with me, and my shit. I got my bank changes back which has meant i have been able to get back to a good level with my bills etc, i have been able to get lots of parts for my caddy that i am resurecting from the grave – and i have been able to buy stuff as i have needed it. Its crazy though, as before i hardly had any money – to the extent id not even be able to afford a 25p loaf of bread from tescos – and yet i still managed to survive. And now, although i have had lots of things to pay for, i have got money in the bank and it is dissapearing faster than it took to be deposited! I have prooven to myself that you dont actually need money, but it does make things a lot easier!

I have moved number plate to another car, bought vbulliten, bought loads of stuff for the caddy, got wasted a few times and paid all my debts off, and i suppose the money was free… so its not like its being wasted!

I know my mom will shit a frisbee when she asks me how much i have left, and i reply “Not much” but i am past caring.. I am doing positive things at the moment and if it requires i spend a grand on the cad, i spend a grand on the cad!

My home life is ok i guess – a week or two agomy house mate and his girlfriend were looking at houses,  now i am never gonna stand in a friends path and get in the way of their future plans, but i hope he does actually tell me a good while before he moves out, as to be fair i would probably move out myself as i dont think i would be able to afford the rent alone.. It got me pretty bummed to start with, but now it seems to of died down so hopefully they have put it on the back burner for a bit.

Work life is OK too, me and dave have some really positive days now, thanks to karen player, the marketing guru. She has pointed us in the right direction, made us change everything, and things do seem to have a brighter future. Lets just hope both dave and myself can overcome our personal stress and emotion at the moment and work hard so that we can both live normal lives again.

Me and gemma have been talking about travveling as well. I have always wanted to pack up, and fuck off round the world – now i have pursuaded gem that its a mint idea (she wants to do it anyway, im not forcing her) and we have kind of set a date.

Im not saying when that date is, but i will say that the holiday we have later this year will be the last holiday we have before we go.. When you say it like that, it sounds SCARILY close!

In other news, i have rebuilt my picture blog, i have sold my MK3 golf and i have eBayed everything i own that hasnt been used in over a week.

Im gonna do a few bits and bobs on some of the maxxd sites now, cos im bored..

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