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Talk about a late night…

The Maxxd Mag was never meant to take over everything we do, but again IT HAS. Dave, ollie and myself didnt leave the office on friday morning untill 2:00am – then back to work at 8:30am to finish some more bits and bobs off on the first proper edition of the Maxxd Magazine.

Its now 14:12 on saturday, and im back at work again to do some more work on it. The designers that originally did the mag for us failed to tell us all images needed to be CMYK, and tif’s – so i now have the task of changing nearly 150 images in qwark – one by one.

Its not something im looking forward to, and i would be doing it now except i need to copy the contents of all the folders to my laptop harddrive (not my portable one) so that it runs faster. Its USB1 you see, and its slower than something that is pisstakingly slow.

Just checked, 46 minutes remaining! I think that time thing when copying files is a load of rubbish really. It will be some kind of formula, (size of file) / (max available transfer rate) x 4,000,000 – as it never really seems very accurate.

In other news, im still struggling to make ends meet – i literally take each day as it comes. I dont even have the cash available to buy a nationals ticket yet, and its next weekend! I hope something changes soon.

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