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Why is it that the world is full to the brim with complete fucking procrastinators? Dave and myself are constantly being let down by people who say they are gonna do this, and gonna do that – and then in the end turn out to be a complete fucking time waster.

Over the years i have been a bit of a procrastinator myself, but more recently i have started actually doing what i set out and tell people im going to do. I rarely say “oh im gonna do this or buy this” as i usually cant afford it – and therefore i dont want people to look at me and think im a twat. So why is it that half, if not more of the population of this world talks complete shit? They make fake promises, tell you they’l help you with this, and with that.. Then when deadlines approach they all fuck off and hide in a corner whimpering like a little bitch thats had its head kicked in.

And what ever happened to being decent? MMS gets faced with many deadlines and predicaments – and we have to liaise with a lot of people in regards these. So why is it that i must hear the phrase “Ill get back to you…” 14 million times a day, and yet about 3 or those 14 million get back to me? A simple “Sorry, cant help you there mate” would be better – instead of just ignoring it!
Why say something, and then not do it? Is it me, or is that just stupid? Am i the only person that thinks this? Does anyone else out there get pissed off with people making false promised and talking a pile of shit?

If im ever elected prime minister, or president or some shit – im gonna make it illegal to talk shit. And if your caught doing it you’d get shot in the head.


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