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That’s another fine mess you got us in to..

From time to time everyone makes mistakes, and sometimes something you do no matter how harmless it may seem it the time, may turn out hurtin the people who are closest to you.

One of the worst thing’s about hurtin the people closest to you – especially when you feel as depressed as i do – is that you feel completley empty, and nothin can take that feeling away, except the sound of one persons voice.

Im writin this now and i feel like a fool, i feel like a letdown, but on top of it all i feel angry with myself as if i had thought things through i could of avoided all this. I feel as if i could of lost the most important thing in my life right now.

This couldnt of come at a worst time either, as it is mine and gemma’s 6 month anniversary tomora. Happy 6 months babe they have been the happiest 6 months i have had in a long time. I love you and im sorry for bein a retard.

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